So here we are again, it is so good to be here with you. We have got an amazing talent today from NYC by the name Matty Marz. Before we get to him, lets check on some music news. First up, Google Play Music will be the default music player and music service on new Samsung phones and tablets globally. For starters, if you have a new Samsung phone or tablet, you can now upload and stream up to 100,000 of your own songs to Google Play Music for free. With twice as much storage capacity offered exclusively to Samsung customers, it’s easier than ever to migrate your personal music collection from any service to Google Play Music. Next up, TuneGO Inc., a music platform that connects independent artists with a global community of music fans and industry professionals, today announced the launch of its new record label TuneGO Music Group, Inc. (TMG). TuneGO is taking the next step in helping artists break into the music industry and, through the TMG label, has signed its first artist, Three Guests (3G). So now we can get to the music with Matty Marz. I caught wind of Matty Marz through his single “Slow Motion” and I was all in. He has so much going on so we had to have him on to chat all about his musical alias, his various ventures, staying motivated and driven, and do not forget his new EP ‘Child Of The Wild.’

Stoli: Where are we talking from today and are you gearing upl for summer?

MM: Right now I’m downtown recording the finishing touches for my next record coming out this summer. Of course, I’m so ready to terrorize Manhattan half naked.

Stoli: How did you get the alias Matty Marz?

MM: the name Matty Marz came from a few different places. Growing up I was the weird kid who didn’t have many friends and as a result I got bullied quite a bit. My birth name is Matthew, so to try to embarrass or emasculate me the other kids would call me Matty to make it sound feminine. As I grew, the nickname became a badge of pride rather then a hurtful sentiment. For me it was a way to live authentically through both my masculine and feminine traits. Creating the androgynous, magical individual I am today. As for Marz, back when I first started experimenting with music production at the age of thirteen. I honed my skills by remixing songs. I would throw in random sounds and bizarre chord changes to confuse the listener, at the time I went by the name “DJ MZ” which I now look back on and cringe, but hey I was thirteen. As my creations gained traction online I had people describe my genre as “Alien Music”. So for my first mixtape I titled it “Marz Attax” paying homage to two of my biggest artistic inspirations, David Bowie and Tim Burton. So when it came down to naming myself I thought what better then to combine the two to create MATTY MARZ.

Stoli: At what point in life did you realize that music was so much more than a hobby and you wanted a career?

MM: For me making music and creating art is all I’ve ever wanted to do. I remember being five and putting on performances in my grandmothers basement with my stuffed animals. I feel deep down in my soul that I was born to be an artist. I originally wanted to be an actor when I was quite young but as I grew more into myself and my creativity I started to study opera, composition and songwriting because it felt more natural to live in a world where I could express how I was feeling both musically and visually. There has never for one second been any kind of hesitation or doubt about doing music. In fact, most days it’s all I can think about. I’m always thinking of lyrics, melodies and idea’s. All day every day. It’s something I can’t turn off. It can actually get annoying, but it’s what makes me, me.

Stoli: Being that the industry is so competitive how do you stay motivated and driven to succeed?

MM: I know that this is what I was born to do. That being said, I’m always pushing myself further and further to make better work, to perform better and to believe a little harder, until I rule the world. And until that happens I wont ever stop, not even for a second.

Stoli: What accomplishment are you most proud of up to this point?

MM: I would have to say, the material I’m about to put out. It’s been a long time in the making but I know that once it’s out it’ll make some serious noise. I’m also working on the video for “Slow Motion” which is going to be unbelievably insane.

Stoli: Your is awesome. How long have you had all those songs and what 3 are special to you?

MM: Well I put first EP “World Domination” out a little over three years ago and it’s been non stop hustling since that point. I only feel as if I’m just starting to scratch the surface of what’s to come! My new record is actually going to have some of those older songs on it which I’m so excited for. They’ve been remixed and rerecorded so they are pretty much unstoppable now. I would say my top three are (in no specific order)

1) Poison Apple – This was my first single and is kind of the definition of my artistry, dark, fun and undeniably MATTY MARZ.

2) Light in the Tunnel – I wrote this song about feeling like everything you want is just within your reach. Seeing the Light and even when listening to this song today makes me feel like everything will work out (which it will) and that’s why I adore this song.

3) Slow Motion – This song is one of my absolute favorites and I’m so proud of it as a whole. Lyrically it’s so personal to everything I’ve gone through and what I’m sure we’ve all gone through at some point or another. Which is feeling stuck where you are with with what seems to be no way out. It’s one of the best songs I’ve ever written and can’t wait for people to experience and hopefully connect to it.

Stoli: Being that you are in NYC and the government did a nuclear bomb drill this week, does that scare you a bit?

MM: FUCK YES, but at the same time I would look fantastic in post apocalyptic “Mad Max” garb. So either way I’d make it work. But hopefully we wont have to.

Stoli: Where would you like to be in 3-5 years and how will you get there?

MM: Ruling the world, and I damn well will be. It’ll take Hard work, Determination and a little bit of fairy dust.

Stoli: I love your song, “Slow Motion.” Can you offer us insight into what that song means to you and who did the instrumentals?

MM: I write, produce and record all my own music. That being said it makes the material that much more personal because I pour every ounce of my psyche into these songs. This song came from a place of confusion and uncertainty within my surroundings and my path. I have my destiny, which is clear but how I’m going to get there is not. That’s where it initially came from. Asking yourself “I see it , I see where I’m supposed to be, but how do I get there?” Which is a question we all ask. As I composed the song I wanted it to feel reflective to the lyrics. I wanted you to feel entranced in this dream like state of falling as one does when you feel stuck. For me the instrumental has to be just as impactful as the lyrics. They have to coincide with one another to create an experience. That’s where I feel this song excels, it brings you into the state of mind I felt I was in at the time of writing it. That’s why I feel it’s one of my best.

Stoli: You are much more than just an artist. Tell us about your other ventures and how can someone get the chance to work with you?

MM: Well I have my hand in everything I do. I’m a writer, musician, dancer, vocalist, producer, engineer, director and a visual artist. I’m a complete perfectionist when it comes down to my work and have to make sure everything aligns to my liking or else I’m changing it till it does. My musicianship and artistry live hand in hand so I can never chose one over the other, they work at the same time. I do absolutely adore collaborating though, bringing out the best in each other to make a totally new and exciting piece of work is one of my many joy’s as an artist. I’m constantly writing and working with new people because it pushes my own sensibilities to the next level. One can email me at Or you can feel free to hit me up on Instagram or Twitter @iammattymarz

Stoli: What is coming up for Matty Marz and where you @ online?

MM: The release of both my new record and the “Slow Motion” music video are coming out soon. Then after that?

World Domination.