How to Ensure the Safety of Your House After a Sudden Flood

After a flood, the homes with extensive woodwork are the worst hit. Damaged dry-walls and wet carpets stand as a witness to the fiasco. Floods can cause a number of damages to your property. There are even instances when insulation gets compromised, and crawlspaces get waterlogged.

If you have suffered the misfortunes brought on by a sudden flood, you should know that flood restoration service can recover the integrity and safety of your home within a given number of days.

Rebuilding and restoring too quickly after a flood or any other kind of severe water damage can cause added problems. It mainly happens when wood is in direct contact with standing water. In such cases, it absorbs the water. That is the nature of real wood as nature has developed it to act as kind of a sponge.

If you rebuild on wood that has absorbed a lot of water, it will directly treat the structural integrity of your home. That is why KIC Restoration takes just the right amount of time to deal with the damage.

Added problems of amateur rebuilding and restoration include insect growth, mold manifestations, and degradation of wall coverings (both paint and wallpapers).

Here are a few steps that you must follow before restoration experts get to your house:

i. Check for electrical damage from the outside. It is imperative in case of floods. Floods may leave the wiring in a house compromised.
ii. Check for gas leaks and potential fire hazards from the outside. Don’t step in unless you see it is safe.
iii. Check for other animals seeking shelter in the crawlspace and attic. Finding badgers, raccoons, and even snakes is not uncommon after floods.
iv. Always wear covered shoes with rubber soles, rubber gloves and carry a battery-operated flashlight when going inside for the first time after a flood.

These are a few things you must do before you see fit to call experts to the scene. You must try to assess the extent of the damage or the threat so that when you call the company, they have an idea of what to expect.

How to deal with electrical systems after a flood?

Floods and water logging always threaten electrical insulation in a home. It is a serious issue, and it increases the chances of fire hazards as well. Here are the steps you should follow immediately after a flood and before entering the premises –

i. Disconnect the main supply and all other circuits.
ii. Do not switch on any appliances. If there is a gas leak, there is an increased chance of a fire.
iii. Remove the covers of fuses and circuit breaker boxes. Wash away from the circuit, with clean water.
iv. Dry the boxes and circuit breakers, if necessary, for days. Spray with lubricant if necessary.
v. Call the emergency restoration services.

Most home repair services have dealt with all kinds of water damage. If your house is in a mess and you are at a loss after a sudden flooding, get in touch with such a company, and they will get back to you.

Author Bio: Thomas Brine has been working with KIC Restoration services for the last four years. He has his own restoration company, and that makes his counsel invaluable.