Scroggins & Rose – ‘Grana’

Adding a little experimentation to bluegrass’s tender tones is Scroggins & Rose’s spirited “Grana”. Reminiscent of the similar unique approach to bluegrass taken by Henry Flynt, the songs simply stun. While including a great deal of classical methods alongside an improvised approach, the pieces teem with life. Over the course of the album the duo proves to be highly adept at creating captivating worlds with the utmost of care. Stylistically, Scroggins & Rose run the gamut from quiet methodical contemplation to outright jubilation. By choosing such a journey the songs come together as a wordless narrative, one as expressive as a lyric could be.


Fluttering gestures introduce the album with “Prelude: Goodbye Liza Jane Fantasia”. Things start off in true earnest with the impassioned “Eagle’s Nest” where the nimble playing works wonders. A little playfulness informs “Argonaut’s Armada”. Rather lush with its strings is the downright expressive “Improvisations on Bill Monroe’s Wheel Hoss”. By far the highlight of the album comes with the multi-faceted nature of “Krakatoa”. Wasting no time at all the crystal clarity of the sound is incredible, as is the tactile texture of the piece. Rather quiet in execution is the giddiness of “Frayed Knott”. Nicely turning classical on its head is the gorgeous work of “Improv. Variations on Paganini’s 24th Caprice” which shows off their undeniable chops. Dreaminess permeates the lovely world of the title track “Grana”. Deeply atmospheric is the closer “Wyoming”.

Scroggins & Rose maintain a perfect balance between the abstract and emotional on the perfection that is “Grana”.

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