The BeeKeepers – ‘Songs from the Hive, Vol 1’

With a smooth classic sound, the BeeKeepers deliver a beautiful bliss with “Songs from the Hive, Vol 1”. Quite stylish, the BeeKeeper embody the past of dreamy folk throughout the collection. Lyrics possess a poetic poignancy to them. Everything comes together in a glorious blur, from the light emotive percussion all the way to the graceful guitar gestures that adorn the sound. Never moving too quickly, the BeeKeepers opts for a contemplative sound. Elements of folk, dream-pop, and classical merge to create a rich lush sound. Vocals rest at the very heart and soul of the collection, with their honeyed quality guiding the songs forward.


Starting the collection off strong is the elegant work of “What a Day”. The slow tempos and atmospheric flourishes recall the best of 70s singer-songwriters. Easily the highlight of the collection the song unfolds in unexpected yet jubilant ways. Opting for a delicate twee pop approach is the sweetness of “Indescision”. A stripped down contemplative sound defines the colorful imagery of “Yellow Flashing Lights”. By weaving a carefully crafted world “Textile Town” has a real personal touch to it. Careful piano work comes into play on the stripped-down classically inclined “Pretty Words” whose doubt helps to give the song a real feeling to it. Ending the collection off on a spirited note is the communal work of “We Both Know”.

The BeeKeepers delve into a timeless world on the gorgeous sound of “Songs from the Hive, Vol 1”.

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