Jennifer DeFrayne – ‘Sisu’

Soothing and contemplative, Jennifer DeFrayne’s “Sisu” is a gentle, elegant album. The way the songs have a delicate touch to them makes them almost ethereal. By opting for such a rich luxurious sound, the songs have a way of drawing the listener into their unique worlds. Completely wordless, the songs create a series of lovely atmospheres. Resting at the very heart of the sound is the careful piano whose expressive nature helps to tie everything together. A light touch to the playing is apparent as Jennifer DeFrayne opts for a unique tender style which whose impressionistic tendencies recall Debussy’s work.

“Fire Island” sets the tone for the album with a gentle display of color, letting the strings come slowly into view. This feeling continues with the graceful work of “Be Who You Are” whose optimistic core informs the piece. Quite spacious in nature is the title track, the colorful “Sisu”. On “Beyond” Jennifer DeFrayne chooses for a delicate, thoughtful unfolding of melody. Hushed whispers emanate from the quiet “Gathering”. With “Palo Santo” the song takes on a celebratory mood, one of peace. A tragic quality imbues the minimalism of “Stepping Stones” whose tactile piano playing works wonders. Evolving quite nicely is the light and airy “Internal Light” easily the highlight of the album. Bringing the album to a wonderful conclusion is the merging of strings, piano, and horns of “Perseverance”.

Jennifer DeFrayne creates a timeless classic sound on the glowing “Sisu”.

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