Eddy Yang – ‘Split the Night’

Catchy to its very core, Eddy Yang creates a reassuring piece on the tender “Split the Night”. Yearning defines the piece, for love and celebration. The way that the song builds up gives it a masterful feeling, from the careful layering of sound to the infectious beat that serves as the song’s heartbeat. By far the highlight of the song is the careful lyricism. Highly articulate the vocals reveal a true knack for storytelling. Sung with honest vocals, Eddy Yang creates an intimate atmosphere throughout, letting the piece truly express exactly what he is feeling.

Beats introduce the piece. Almost immediately the song settles into a comfortable groove. The twang of the guitar gives the song additional heft to the otherwise low-key strumming. Melodically rich the song has an infectious riff that helps to drive the song forward. Right at the very forefront is the carefully crafted lyrics which helps to give the song a truly riveting structure. Letting all else stem from this singular message helps to give the song a strong emotional core. From the very beginning of describing a person they wanted to know, they let a playful desire take over. A desire for togetherness gives the message a warmth, one that celebrates togetherness. Quite happily the piece does not deviate from this message and gradually is elaborated upon until the soothing finale.


Eddy Yang crafts a wonderful blend of indie rock and pop on the playful “Split the Night”.

By – beachsloth.com