How to Advertise An App on Facebook

Facebook is a very big Platform, study shows that over one billion phone users are recorded daily using Facebook, over the years Facebook has grown into a marketing platform where you can advertise your products at a very affordable price, many have made Facebook to one of their biggest market channels for their apps. Furthermore, the app store is constantly booming.

The competition is getting tougher each step of the way, this is influenced by the large number of Apps in the Apps store, therefore many are also considering doing face advertising. When it comes to running a campaign on Facebook, it can be your greatest decision or the worst decision you have ever made, that is you can make a lump sum of money or you can end up losing a pool of money trying to advertise your products. There are some basic guidelines that you need to follow to have a successful advertisement on your Apps.

What You Should Never Ignore When Advertising on Facebook

Being the biggest platform for Apps advertisement there is stiff competition among the best Apps in demand therefore you need to be careful when you consider to advertise your apps on Facebook, that is the targeted audience among the app advertisers are all the same.

Let’s consider how to overcome this challenges.

First make sure that you have a clear target: looking deep on the coolest features of Facebook it can help you a lot in your ad campaign that is, for instance the look alike feature on Facebook allows you to upload emails of your and target them easily with your advertisements, this is one of the easiest features if your goal is engaging and relenting.

Another cool feature that Facebook has recently updated is the Audience network which allows you to send your ads to your targeted users, beyond Facebook and Facebook applications, that is you can reach other users using other mobile apps and websites.

Secondly, the type of ads that you are using matters a lot in the advertisement process, there are many add types in Facebook but the two main that you need to know as an app developer are the:

Apps install: these ads are simple they are mainly used to drive more installs, when users tap to your ads they take them to your App store.

Engagement ads: these types of ads aim to boost the engagement of the user to your applications.

Thirdly you need to define your goals and objectives when you are doing your advertisements, without a clear objective you won’t be able to measure your progress so before you start spending money on your project you need to know what you clearly want to achieve, and when it comes to Facebook it offers you many options.

Ad creative is the forth item: that is your ad creative is very critical to earn you conversions, no matter how big your ad is a poor created ad will always lose you money. To create a good ad, you need the following key elements.

• Picture: a picture is the most important key element of your ad as it what people notice first, there are a lot of opinions out there defining what is the best picture but first you need a picture of high quality that defines your message in the best way possible
• Headline and Ad Copy: headline is considered to be second most important part of your ad that is it should convey a call to action it should not be vague either.
• Call to action: that is, it should be specific and relevant, for instance if your app is a hotel booking app the CTA is ‘’book now’’, if it is a game app ‘’play now’’, that is it should go straight to the point.

By considering all this factors then your success of great app ads is just a stone throw away.