Bongo Boy Records Volume XI

Bobby Rue starts the collection off right on a light and airy note with “Changes Coming”. With a spirited rhythm, the song has a classic rock sound. The true highlight are the sage-like vocals that rise above the track thanks in part to the glistening organ vamp that dominates the sound.

On “Ready For The World” Tammi T with Keith Hines create a perfectly crafted piece of trance pop. Optimism pours out of the infectious melody. Vocals add to the sense of joy that permeates the track.

Stately synthesizer stabs lead the powerful sound of Natalie Jean’s “Red Room – The Remix”. The seductive quality of the vocals adorns the song which moves forward with great determination. Representing the best of a Euro House style, the way the song builds up is quite majestic.

With a lovely nostalgic hue is the 50s-doo-wop style of Eye’z “Dedicated”. The choir is as sweet as honey. Keeping everything to the absolute essentials the song possesses true heart and soul.

Delving deep into a deep style is the mellow vibe of Frankie Storm’s “The Cure”. Small flourishes add to the overall sweet lusciousness of the sound, with guitar glimmering by with great purpose. Quite tender in scope the song’s many layers of sound work wonders.

Commanding vocals dominate the powerful work of STEEL’s “Godson of Seliasie feat. DL K-LA”. Samples are woven together with great taste and style. Lyrically the song matches these dusty samples’ origin, as it has a mysterious, noir-like quality to it.

Ornate and intricate is the multi-faceted work of Nick Bailey aka Extreme Rhythm’s “Layanda”. Hard to exactly pin down, the song exists in a constant state of flux. Throughout the track the adherence to the carefully arranged tempos work wonders as the piece morphs in new fascinating ways.

Truly bringing the funk is the party atmosphere of Galaxy Global Television Network’s “HotRockTV Theme”. Referencing the best of Parliament with an updated sound the song is an absolute blast. Volume is a must for this song is all about physicality.

Dem Boyz From Gorgeous (Magnus and STEEL) chooses a rather direct style with the dominating sound of “Doggy”. On this track, the sound positively bounces with every single element of the sound staying in service with the groove. By far the highlight is the tight flow that is woven within the mix.

Sunny in disposition is the soothing atmospheres of Deborah Henriksson’s “Breakers’ Roar”. Keeping true to a traditional sound the song positively shines. The complete clarity of the sound gives it a timeless, epic quality.

Luxurious to its very core is the immaculately produced sound of Barz Noble’s “Rain Set”. Nicely mixing hip-hop, jazz, and electro into a satisfying whole, the sound is something to truly get lost in with a melody that lingers in the mind long after it is over. Placed front and center are the future-focused lyrics that guide the song forward.

Peter Lloyd with Keith Hines creates a powerful dance goove on “Love and Nature”. Carefully arranged the song possesses little hints of classical on the stylish arrangement. The song’s yearning attitude reflected in the lyrics gives the song a certain degree of tenderness.

Laid-back to its very core is the nostalgia hued approach of Bobby Rue’s “I Wish I Was”. The song looks to the past for the lyrics focus on what has happened, and the hope for what could be. With this hope the song gains additional perspective as the lyrics also ruminate over potential possibilities, the dreaminess that can define the here and now.

Arranged with true precision is Matthew Mayer’s piano led “Little Feet”. Tapping into a Debussy-like spirit the song’s cyclical arrangement adds to the overall otherworldliness of the piece. By keeping things to the absolute essentials Matthew Mayer creates a truly transcendent piece.

Anxiety reigns supreme on the spry work of Darick DDS Spears’ “Paranoid”. Various sounds filter in and out of the mix as the song positively teems with life. By incorporating field recordings into the mix the song further emphasizes the strange spirit that the modern world can bring.

DJ Buddy Holly close the collection off with the bombastic beats of “This Is Not Trance”. The song’s acid tinged textures create a nearly psychedelic vibe that allows the song to truly roam free. By choosing such an approach the piece has a carefree attitude.

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