The Pete V Project – ‘Stop Pushing Love Away’

The Pete V Project, is just that, a project done by singer and song writer Marie Virginie Pierre, except instead of using her namesake, she has gone with the decision of The Pete V Project. Why that name for said project, who knows, how does the music play out? Well with her brand new song and single for “Stop Pushing Love Away”, which credits go to Marie Virginie Pierre, as she wrote the track, as well as produced it, along with Paul Miles. Other credits would go to voice over work done by Adam David Barker, saxophone Antonio Campbell, with other instrumentals done by Marie and Paul Miles. But Paul Miles continues said work, as he is also the engineer, mixing and mastering as well.

So if the hint didn’t give too much away, yes there is saxophone portions done through the middle through the end, which is nice, resembling styling’s of smooth jazz, meets pop rock jazz, like that UK artist, Jamie Cullum. The song consists of a EDM techno beat to it too, at the beginning towards the middle of the song. The song itself, being very upbeat and just interesting in general. The vocal chords done by Marie as The Pete V Project, are quite well played out. Her tone is very outgoing, steady, focused, maintaining a source of energy, that flows with the music perfectly.

The music as said already, has that jazz genre in place, but provides other genre choices, as the EDM, techno genre, being very pulse pumping, and upbeat, it’s pretty much like a dance track, you could possibly even hear, at a night club, or a radio station playing said music even. Her style as a whole sounds like something that would come out of the 70’s to 80’s era, being very old fashioned in that sense. It’s just a song that has a lot to offer, and provides a genre aspect that can capture it all.

The song itself, “Stop Pushing Love Away”, is a follow-up to previously release track “Come On Baby (Come On Over)”, that had featured the voice talents of Reece Bahia, which continues to this day, to have a worldwide radio playtime. If you were a enjoyer of that song, then this song “Stop Pushing Love Away” is just the suitable track to follow up after that other track. The intro message of this song though, features voice work done by Adam David Barker, and Maire has explained that the answer in the phone message is suppose to be a manifestation of fears, we all have of rejection, and the song is actually a love song to yourself, meaning to love yourself and to let love in. So it is one of those typical love songs, but this one just tends to stand out above, all those other one’s in existence.

“Stop Pushing Love Away”, by The Pete V Project, is one song that can be played on repeat more than once, if not heard elsewhere, because it’s one of those songs that you can get stuck in your head, due to the beats presented. It’s filled with an overwhelming effect that keeps the music on a persisting beat.

By: Natalie Perez