Aspiring Musicians: 5 Keys to a Perfect Album Demo Submission

These days, the recording environment has changed dramatically from what it was 20 or 30 years ago. Album demos used to be very basic things, often recorded in someone’s garage rather than in a studio. However, with the increasingly crowded music scene, those who do not create perfect demos often find that they have trouble scoring a recording contract with the label of their dreams and sometimes cannot get signed at all. To avoid being the next forgotten aspiring musician, be sure to consider these five tips for creating a perfect album demo submission that can help to score you an amazing recording deal.

The Right Music
First, remember that the music must be chosen with the label in mind. If you perform a variety of genres of music, confine the demo to only one sub-genre to avoid confusion. In addition, remember that you should include no more than four tracks on any demo. The idea is to tantalize the labels with your music and leave them wanting to hear more rather than tiring of your music before they are done listening to it.

Excellent Audio Quality
Second, the quality of your audio is key. While there are several smartphone apps for editing music, they are not ideal. If possible, bypass handheld recorders as well, instead opting for professional-quality recording that can only be done with specialized computer programs and dedicated studio space. If you cannot hire a local studio space, consider purchasing a high-quality microphone and creating a soundproof space for recording.

Digital versus Physical Formats
Next, you must decide how you want to present your music. While a great deal of music is presented digitally these days, album demos still do well when presented in physical formats, such as a compact disc or a USB flash drive. This will also give you a chance to create a professional first impression. Also, consider making an album cover for your song files. This is a chance for you to present yourself, your creativity and the style of your music, all while showing that you know how to appeal to your chosen audience. Use an album cover maker to stand out professionally and be memorable to label executives. Adobe offers label-making software that is simple to use even in your own home.

Choose the Label Carefully
As already mentioned, you must ensure that you choose the right label for your type of music. Be sure to do your research carefully because while some labels accept nearly any music genre, others only sign artists who perform in a very specific sub-genre. However, remember that you cannot be too picky either as the key for a successful album demo is to get it out where it can be heard. Feel free to send the demo to several recording labels. After giving the label time to listen to it, contact them once. If you get a negative response, simply send it on to the next label.

The most important thing to remember when creating an album demo is not to give up on your efforts. If the first few labels reject your music, try other labels that are more specifically for your chosen genre. You could also consider re-editing your music or choosing a new lead song that will hook the listener immediately. Your brand of creativity is certainly worth letting the world hear.