Professional Venue: How to Give Your Music Club a Classy Feel

Having a music club is certainly a worthwhile and fun endeavor. In fact, the number of people going out for an evening to listen to live music continue to increase. Singles and couples alike are looking for great professional venues where they can enjoy the latest tunes in a relaxing and comfortable environment. If you are the manager of such a place, consider the following four 4 strategies that can help give your music club a classier feel.

Work on the Lighting

If your music club has a dark and musty feel to it, people will likely go for a competitor that is more contemporary and modern. It is amazing to consider how much more bright and airy a venue can look just by having brighter lights strategically placed. Naturally, you need to temper this with dimmers that allow for the stage to be highlighted during a performance. Add just the right touch and you have that classy look you’ve been looking for.

Focus on the Artwork

If all you have on the walls right now is a bunch of paint, you need to work on this. Have some artwork strategically placed. If you are a jazz club, look for photos not only of great jazz musicians throughout history, but famous places as well. Be bold and be creative. Make your artwork gel with the overall theme of the place.

Mitigate Vandalism

Nothing detracts from a classy club more than a bunch of graffiti. Unfortunately, there are some people that think it is cute and funny to add their own personal touches to a music club. Professionals, like those at Cooltone, know that to discourage this from happening by installing some anti-graffiti films throughout the venue. Not only will this keep people from vandalizing your club, it will mesh into the surroundings and look great.

Use Furniture to Create a More Intimate Surrounding

If you want a modern and classy look, do not have furniture from your grandmother’s basement. Focus on functional furniture that fits in well with the surroundings. Complete strangers often come together in a music club, bound by a common interest. Sit them together. Make the furniture cozy and comfortable, and create an intimate feeling that connects the audience with the performer.

These are four simple strategies that can help your music club portray a classier look and feel. Focus on creating the ambiance that you want, and then work to keep that way. If you do, the patrons will keep coming back for more.