Berlin-Based Electro Pop Artist Solarrio’s “Hopeless”

Filmed in Seoul, South Korea, the captivating video for “Hopeless” depicts a much too brief international affair as buzzing Berlin electronic popster Solarrio searches for, finds, and then loses the young and lovely object of his affection. Of all the mesmerizing music and achingly sincere lyrics written by Solarrio, “Hopeless” is possibly the most emotional and from-the-heart song he’s written yet. This mid-tempo beat-driven jam is the fourth single from Solarrio’s ’80s-inspired self-titled EP, was released January 20th via Believe Digital. More information on Solarrio is available on his official website.

According to Solarrio, “Hopeless” is the product of his obsession with ’80s-inspired cinema: “As I was writing the song, it took me back to the times I was watching the movies of John Hughes and shows like The Wonder Years. That feel-good nostalgic feeling is what I was going for. We shot the video in Seoul, South Korea and I finally got to show off my acting chops.”