Concert Aftermath: 4 Ways Musicians Can Unwind After the Show

There’s nothing like giving a great show; the rush of adrenaline that builds up on stage pushes you off and into a crazed, hyper state that can sometimes be hard to handle. You’re a ball of nerves, excitement and passion with a strong fatigue thrumming just below the surface. There are a few directions you can take your post-concert relaxation, and here are four ways to unwind after putting on a performance.

Rehydrate and Refuel
A nice meal with plenty of water (and your favorite beer) is a wonderful way to come down from the stage high and replenish all the fluids you lost putting on a show. Grab your bandmates and head to a local joint. If you’re on the road, this is a great way to see a bit of the current city. Don’t forget to check out the local craft beers in every state.

Video games are an amazing way to zone out while still kicking back with bandmates. Change into some comfortable clothes, order some pizza and grab a controller. Relaxing by killing people on a screen sounds weird, but games like “Overwatch” and “Halo” are so engrossing that you can shut off your mind for a little while and just enjoy the moment with friends.

Smoke a Bowl
If you really want to keep the good vibes going but take off some of the edge post-show adrenaline can cause, smoke some recreational cannabis. Some companies, like Mile High Pipe & Tobacco, know how helpful cannabis is at calming stressed-out nerves. Marijuana is currently legal for recreational use in Alaska, Colorado, Oregon, Washington, and the District of Columbia.

The complete anti-party post-show ritual, meditating can be an incredible way to truly bask in the emotional rush brought on by performing while calming your body and finding your center. Take a hot shower, head into a quiet space and spend some time practicing mindfulness. It’s a lot less kitschy than you think.

Make Rituals
One of the most memorable acts a band does together besides perform is establish its own set of traditions. Whether it’s praying before the show, taking a shot or something else off-the-wall that only you guys understand, rituals bring band and crew together, strengthen friendships and make tours more than just a bunch of shows.

When you’re trying to figure out what to do after a show, good or bad, just look to the ones who helped you make it happen.