Satellite Gods – ‘Marker 7-58’

Passionate and pure, Satellite Gods creates compelling finely crafted stories on the adventurous “Marker 7-58”. Lyrics rest front and center of each piece. Stories, mere snapshots of a life lived fully, are told with the utmost poignancy. Arrangements add to this power ranging from full-on rock with influences of folk, country, and even elements of the blues appear throughout the album. Everything works together when taken in for the songs are adventurous and energetic. Rhythms are catchy, guitar work is stellar with the right level of soloing and riffing, all placed alongside the expressive keyboard work that weaves itself across the album.

The album starts off with all pistons firing away on the anthem of “Falling To Earth”. Nimble bass lines add to the sense of determination that defines the track. Opting for a loose, jazzy feel is the playful work of “Saturday Night In Riga”. On “1 Through 8” the choir truly adds to the power of the piece. Sprawling and serene is the ambitious work of “On My Way”. Dreamy guitar work imbues the hazy “Invisible”. Jaunty to its very core is the folk-infused joy of “Once”. A late-night vibe is reached on the luxurious sound of “Turn Away” whose saxophone work adds to the overall sense of clear-eyed wonder. “That’s All” goes for an ornate, intricate arrangement whose multiple layers create a compelling soundscape to get lost in. Closing the album off on an introspective note is “Walk”.

Sounding like a true classic, Satellite Gods sing songs of optimism on the inspirational “Marker 7-58”.

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