Asha ‘Drowning’ Video

It is singer/songwriter Asha that you ought to have your eyes and ears alert for. Nearing the release of her debut single ‘Drowning’, Asha anticipates the opportunity that will inevitably open up before her in the Australian music scene.

With acoustic drive, lyric depth and imposing soundscapes, singer/songwriter Asha is making a name for herself beyond her hometown of the Central Coast.

At the age of 18, she has built up skills far beyond her age musically and lyrically. Asha began to blossom after finding an obsession for the acoustic guitar and spending endless hours teaching herself intricate pieces by artists such as Matt Corby, The Paper Kites, and Ben Howard. The convenience of being able to accompany herself so well has led her to recently be playing many solo gigs and shows in Newcastle and Sydney areas, and score great support slots with the likes of Alex Lloyd and Diesel.