So today we are so excited to have Lynne Taylor Donovan here to help us kick off 2017. Lynne has been putting out amazing music and increasing her fan base for years. Lets get right into this!

Where are we talking from today and how will you celebrate the holidays and New Years?

I’m at my home in Peachland, B.C. making my classic mushroom, sausage turkey stuffing with onions, fresh sage and water chestnuts! I’m a little sad this year as many in our family are not well and cannot make it for Christmas dinner this year. My mother and son will be here though so it will be a quiet one and we feel blessed to have one another to celebrate the birth of Jesus together. My wonderful son’s birthday is on New Year’s Eve so we plan to celebrate it while bringing in the New Year at a local eatery downtown Peachland with friends.

What are you most promoting now in regards to a new single, tour, venture, etc?

Well right now we’re getting lots of airplay on my Christmas song “Dear Santa” and in the New Year will be releasing the new single “Don’t Wanna Mention any Name’s”. I’m really excited about this song because it’s more of a Blue’s song than anything I’ve recorded before and I’ve always wanted to sing the Blue’s . . not overly traditional but definitely has the Blue’s feel. We are in the process of planning tour dates to follow this song in the spring/summer which would hopefully include dates in Europe, Netherlands, Australia and the U.S. and Canada. I’m really itching to get back on stage as it has been a while and that is where I really feel at home!

When you look back on 2016 what are you most proud of?

I am really proud of the two singles that were released in 2016 and the success they had . . . “Strong One” reaching number one on the National Euro Charts, and “Am I Dreaming” which charted at number two. We haven’t had that kind of chart-topping success in one single year ever so I am very proud of that!

Looking forward to 2017 what are 2 music based goals you want to attain and how will you achieve that?

Now that we’re topping the charts in Europe I would really like to keep that momentum going by releasing more of my songs and bringing that level of success to North American radio. The second goal would be producing a great touring package so that I can deliver some really strong live performances to my fan base and bring these songs to life! I love performing on stage and having that intimacy and connection with fans that are sitting right in front of you . . that’s really what performing is all about.

When it comes to consuming music do you most prefer buying or streaming and what sites/apps do you use?

Honestly . . . I’m not much on computer technology so I don’t really stream anything . . I listen mostly to stuff from the 60’s through the early 80’s and watch a lot of retro live performance video’s off You Tube . . those are the artists whom influenced my music the most and that’s what I love listening to. Occasionally I’ll listen to pop/country/rock stations on commercial radio, and there is some great stuff out there for sure, but a lot of it just sounds the same to me . . . I’m loving the new underground internet options available now . . that’s a great thing to see after years of being force-fed assembly line music! That’s what I love about Euro radio . . it’s like radio the 70’s in North America when there was an incredible variety of styles of music . . and they played what the audience wanted to hear . . not pre-programmed radio that some big Executive behind a desk in Toronto pushed out. I think Skope is doing an awesome job promoting real talent and directing listener’s to some great music!! Keep it up Skope!!