Ronnie Allman Jr – ‘Rise Up’

Inspirational to its very core is the sunny message of Ronnie Allman Jr’s “Rise Up”. Downright infectious the song a radiant joy. The warmth of the piece is undeniable just as its glistening melody unforgettable. By opting for such a rich, luxuriant sound Ronnie Allman Jr taps into a timeless sound. Quite beautiful the message rings true offering hope for all those who will alone, downtrodden, and wondering where to go. Such an approach works wonders when paired alongside the resonant crystal clarity of the lyricism. How the song unfurls reveals a true talent for form as the buildup to the rather cathartic release for the finale feels particularly earned.

Stream: “Rise Up”

A hushed organ introduces the song before it gets into the true swing of things. Keyboards are beautiful as they move forth with great passion. Guitar work adorns the rather active arrangement. Layers of sound intermingle from the organ vamp to the synthesizer stabs, all of which feel ideally balanced. Standing right in the middle of it all is the strong powerful lyrics. When Ronnie Allman Jr sings “Rise Up” it comes from a place of strength, one of confidence in the future. The groove of the piece continues in a glorious rush of sound as absolutely nothing lets up. Energy pours out of the song as Ronnie Allman Jr’s voice guides the path forward.

Ronnie Allman Jr’s “Rise Up” is sung straight from the heart and touches the very soul.

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