Pastor musician Ronnie Allman Jr. has invited you, your family, friends, to come and experience the outpouring of God’s spirit in a peace filled house of God. To put it simply “Come expecting, leave changed!” Pastor Ronnie Allman Jr. got involved with God, which lead him to promote him in various fashions, from teaching, preaching, writing music, and playing that music, to help promote not only himself but God as well. Discover that Pastor Ronnie Allman Jr. had to said about his time with our beloved savior God and his son Jesus Christ.

1. In your bio on Reverbnation, it describes you as ” a no nonsense Pastor and Worship Artist on a mission to give glory to God” can you define, what it means by you being a “no nonsense” Pastor, what nonsense have you dealt with that you no longer want to deal with.

I am the type of person that doesn’t like to play games. Our time on this earth is limited. I believe one of my purposes on earth is to promote God and His son Jesus Christ through teaching, preaching, writing music, and playing that music He gives me to draw others closer to Him. I believe another purpose of mine is to help promote people into their gifts and callings so they can be fruitful and multiply just like the word of God says to do. I am “no nonsense” because my time and efforts are completely surrounded on Giving Glory to God (G3), promoting His Kingdom, promoting His people, and being the best servant I can, not being distracted by things that are not about giving Him glory.

2. You are not only a Pastor but a musical artist as well, what made you want to go forth and seek out being a musician, what was it about music that made you decide “this is me and what I want to also do”.

I would say that I didn’t seek out being a musician. I began learning to play the guitar around 7 or 8 and started playing in church shortly thereafter. I believe that music is part of honoring our creator. I started playing the piano/keyboard in church when I was 18. From that point until now I take praising and worshipping God very seriously. My job as a worship artist or worship leader is to usher God’s people into His presence. Once God’s people are in His presence then marvelous and miraculous things begin to happen Spirit, Soul, and Body.

3. A handful of tracks are available on your ReverbNation page, but do you have an actual EP or album available, if so, where can we pick that up.

Thank the Lord I am fortunate to have two CD’s and one EP at the moment. My first CD is called “Sanctify”. It is a ten track compilation of songs that God allowed me to write. My second CD is called “Heart of a Finisher”. It is a ten track compilation; 5 of those songs a friend of mine named Rebecca Wylie and I wrote together, and the other 5 were songs God allowed me to write. The EP is called “Come Up Here”. The song was written while having a vison that I was sitting on the lap of God and He was allowing me to see certain things from His perspective. You can get all three on iTunes, CD Baby, ReverbNation, Amazon and pretty much anywhere else you can find digital music.

4. Can you describe what these songs you sing are about, and do you write your own music?

I do write my own music. I am thankful for the opportunity God has entrusted me with by writing music that brings glory and honor to Him. The songs that are given to me are based off scriptures in the Bible and real life experiences.

5. Have you written any new material as of lately, if so what can we expect from said material.

Yes. I have written at least three new songs in the last several weeks. One is called “Righteousness” based off scripture about being the righteousness of God in Christ. Second song is called “Rain Down” which is about the rain of God raining down upon us in our down and out times. Third song is called “Come Reign” which is inviting Jesus to come and rule and reign our life.

6. Your bio back on Reverbnation also has summed you up as the G3 (Giving Glory to God) where does the G3 come from, and how does its meaning connect to those symbols, why the G3, is there a G1, G2, etc.

G3 stands for “Giving” “Glory” to “God”. G3 represents our worship experience. In everything we sing, play, pray, say and do my hope and prayer is that God gets all the glory, honor and praise He deserves from His children.

7. Besides being a musician, you are of course a pastor, so why become a pastor, is it truly what you wanted to do out of life, are you satisfied with what it has brought to you and what you plan to stick to til the end of time.

Why become a pastor?!? Yes I have asked myself the same question. Why would anyone want to be a pastor and have to deal with complicated people, flaky people, liars, backstabbers, two-face people, adulterer’s, fornicators, drug addicted, alcoholics, porn addicts, sex addicts, trouble makers and the list goes on and on. The only answer that I have that makes any sense is that God put the desire in my heart. If I was created in the likeness of the Father and Son then I should want to help the same people that Jesus helped while he was upon the earth. He didn’t hang out with the rich and famous. He hung around the sick, the lame, the deaf, the blind, the murderers, the fornicators, the one that had sin in their life and needed a savior. My prayer is to hopefully be a fresh drink of water to someone in need, to be salt and light, to be the Difference that brings many to Jesus Christ that they might receive eternal life.

8. When and if you do concerts, do you have a mini ceremony where you discuss our lord and savior God and everyone else revolving around him, or do you keep both your Pastor side and musician side separated when doing performances.

Everything I do, say, sing, play, preach and teach is centered around Jesus Christ. The gift of being a pastor and musician can’t be separated in my book. I use both gifting’s to promote the name of my Lord Jesus Christ. I write about Jesus, I sing Jesus, I play Jesus, I teach Jesus, I preach Jesus, and I give others the opportunity to come to Jesus so that they may receive eternal life and have the opportunity to spend the rest of their days with Jesus in Heaven when God is done with them here on this earth.

9. What about the current holiday season, Halloween Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years, how have the holidays been going for you and everyone around you.

My family and I do not celebrate Halloween the way the world does. We believe Halloween has been turned into a day that gives or brings attention to the devil and his kingdom. The bible tells me to flee or stay away from anything that looks like evil or the devil. Thanksgiving was great. My family and I were able to spend time with family and truly celebrated being thankful for everything we have. Christmas is a time to be thankful and celebrate the birth of our savior Jesus Christ. My wife and kids love this time of year and it is awesome to see a smile on their face. We promote, Jesus is the ONLY reason for the Season. New Year’s will be a new opportunity to further the kingdom of God. We pray that we will learn from last year’s setbacks and embrace the setup’s that will be encountered in the New Year. To God be ALL the Glory.

10. How about upcoming plans, what else can we expect to see or hear from you Ronnie Allman.

I am planning on being back in the studio at the first of the year finishing up the “Come Up Here” CD. My friend Brant Fricker and I are working on getting back on TV and promoting the Kingdom of God through worship and the word. Hopefully we will have some more opportunities to travel and lead others into the Holy Place in churches across the nation. If you know of anyone that would be interested in a G3 Worship Experience Live Worship Event then please call me at 817-344-8860. We would be honored to come and worship our King with you.

11. If you could give advice to those who may want to get involved contributing to God in some shape or form, or help you out in some way with your music, how can they do this.

My only advice to anyone is put God first. Give Him your best and He will give His best to you. You cannot and will not fail if you keep Him first in all you do. If there is someone that would like to help me or the G3 Worship Experience Worship Team please call me at 817-344-8860 or email me at I would love to hear from you. Remember, YOU, are the Difference.

By: Natalie Perez – –