Mayve – ‘Motion’

With a summery 80s vibe is the Mayve’s joyful and jubilant “Motion”. Choruses are positively infectious as the songs unfold revealing a true ear for melody. Songs nicely play off each other making the album work best as a whole. The sequencing feels particularly fine as the attention towards sleek, stylish sound creates luxuriant fields of sound. A reassurance emanates from the songs, one that feels so warm and comforting. By opting for such an approach the vocals shine through, showing off their expressive tender nature. How Mayve sculpts the sound has a distinct, Neon Indian inspired theme to it, as it explores similar terrain.

“You” begins the album off on a note of hope. Quite rich the way the song comes into bloom feels rather masterful. Reminiscent of a long-lost AM jam the song is packed with hooks, lead by a leisurely rhythm. Adding to the atmosphere is the ambient interlude of “45d” and its later reprise “45d (reversed)”. Easily the highlight of the collection is the spirited performance of “1924”. On here the fluorescent color used gives the song an airy atmosphere, along with a particularly pitch-perfect arrangement. Akin to a wonderful rush of sound is the spirited “Cruel Intentions”. Nimble to its core is the elastic groove of “Young Blood”. Bringing the album to a mellow close is the dreamy surreal swirl of “A Motion”.

Quite beautiful in tone, Mayve’s “Motion” is a gorgeous album full of heart.