Bongo Boy Records – ‘Volume X’

Starting things off on a high-energy note is Esquille’s infectious dance anthem “Sweet Harmony Feat. Keisha Renee”. Esquille’s song deserves to be pumped up as loud as possible. A sense of pure celebratory spirit radiates from the piece.

Tenderness defines the soulful work of Colette Kavanagh’s “Last Kiss”. Delivered with a passion the song unfolds slowly. Reflective in tone the song’s strong timeless message resonates long after the song has ended.

Dennis Sy’s “Shine On Feat. Natalie Jean and Derick DDS Spears” possesses pure playfulness. A gentle spirit is imbued within the piece. Opting for a light and airy approach the song has a summery open feel to it.

ReLoVe’s “Shining Through” utilizes a dub-inflected groove to great effect. Laid back and rather blissful, the song’s optimism permeates the entirety of the piece. Vocals take center stage as the reassuring lyrics works wonders.

Yona Pax’s “Santa Maria” has a nimble rhythm underpinning it. Melody and tempo become one as the song’s dreamy nature comes into view. Nearly surreal in temperament how the piece progresses can be cinematic at times.

Sung straight from the heart is the earnestness of Johnny Douglas’s “Leave The Light On”. The subject of belonging and true love is explored in full. A story builds up revealing a true longing for a cherished someone.

Giddiness prevails on Inches From Sin’s spirited work of “Come Back Come Back”. Delicate guitars are woven together to create a vast tapestry of sound. The many voices eventually come together to result in a glorious finale.

Electro house dominates the mellowed vibes of “Good Vibes Feat. Nina Sol”. STEEL proves to have a deft touch as the piece teems with life. Beats have a light, loose flow to them which goes perfectly with the party-atmosphere of the flow.

Barley Station’s “Like Destiny” represents the best of indie rock with a western twang. Quite beautiful the song at times feels reminiscent of the welcoming spirit of early Meat Puppets albums. A nice carefree approach dominates the proceedings.

Rather jubilant is the economical rhythm of Pamela Davis’s “You Showed Me What Love Can Do”. Offering up an ever more affectionate spirit, the way the song celebrates togetherness gives the song a true sense of purpose. Everything simply comes together with the greatest of ease from the neon-hued sounds to the bubbly melody.

Hard-edged is the beat blasting work of Waheed Ahmad’s “Hi Beams”. With a busy, bustling arrangement the piece moves at a breakneck speed. Everything simply works from the way the blistering flow works out to the hysterical arrangement, it is a full-on assault on the senses.

Ending the collection on a high note is the humorous work of YSANNE’s “The Golfers Rap Feat. ZanZclan”. Over the course of the song the piece veers dramatically from a light indie rock sound to something almost theatrical in nature. By tying it all together with a quest-like sense of purpose, the song truly excels.

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