Christine Saadé – Get Together (Ft. Twisted Dee)


Christine Saadé’s foray into dance pop on her new single “Get Together” features the talents of DJ/producer Twisted Dee and joins the previous recordings from Saadé as among the finest modern examples of how an artist can work serious themes into musical genres long mistaken as exclusively disposable. The aims of dance pop are, typically, relatively simple and Saadé never forgets to entertain and physically provoke her listeners, but she wants more. The vision and verve she exhibits on the song “Get Together” is far outside the purview of narrow entertainers and, instead, brings the best of two worlds seamlessly together into one. Her flair for the anthemic, substantive lyrics about people uniting and/or working towards a greater good while remaining steady in the face of challenge and despair moves Saadé into the elite of her genre. This are fewer as talented or committed to making a lasting impact on their audience.


The song’s inventive arrangement will quickly leap out to some. It is rambunctious from the start but memorably uncluttered. The way it breathes with such energy along with the discrete but distinct spaces open between its individual parts makes “Get Together” emerge from the speakers with a bounce in its step. The vocals jolt the listener when they first hit. The electricity of Saadé’s delivery locks itself in with the musical spirit and mood of the song with such enthusiasm that she’s impossible to ignore. There’s no self-conscious in her performance. She attacks the lyric with the courage of her convictions and the passion fueling her voice never loses its grip on technique.

It’s clear that Christine Saadé owns the spotlight here, but Twisted Dee’s contributions do add a lot to the track. Her influence on the production is unquestionable. Saadé is well integrated into the mix without ever obscuring the backing track and her aforementioned penchant for finding a song’s groove and not letting go serves her quite well on a dance pop song. Her effect on the music is similar. Saadé has a style that meshes with Twisted Dee’s style with nary a hiccup. The lyrical content has an ear for well turned phrases and fitting the words well into the musical framework.

Her Phoenician and Canadian heritage imbues her voice and phrasing with signature qualities that cannot be learned and she’s learned to utilize them well within the confines of modern music. “Get Together” is never anything less than completely accessible in every area to a wide swath of listeners, young or old, and the guiding force behind that is an uniquely gifted performer and musician committed to artistic and personal excellence. Every second of the song conveys that passion and it never comes cheaply or cheats the audience with clichés or hollow theatrics. Christine Saadé has wowed her global fan base for some time and a high quality song like this will only serve to introduce her to many more future fans. Based on this cut alone, it is safe to assume that she will only go higher when this song sees wider release on her upcoming HYSC? EP 1 release.


Jason Hillenburg