The Other Life – ‘Happiness’


With a strong sense of play, the Other Life’s “Happiness” harks back to the halcyon days of early house. Layer upon layer of sound are expertly arranged to create a vast sea of sound. Aptly named the song permeates with a sense of exploration and wonder with the world. Over the course of the track the Other Life proves to be quite adept at deftly letting the many samples that are sprinkled throughout the song interact to create a great colleague, one that seems to show a gorgeous snapshot of sound.

The Other Life wastes no time diving deep into its infectious grooves. Small snippets of sound dart in and out of the arrangement, proving to nicely frame the rest of the piece. By the time the little elements of vocals enter into the mix the song truly gets started. Little flourishes of synthesizer intermingle building themselves up in terms of pitch shifts and dazzling sweeps of sound. Just as important as this is when the Other Life lets the other side take over, the more mellowed out spacious sounds take hold dropping out the beat entirely. Once all of it comes towards in the latter half of the piece it feels earned. Coming into full bloom for the finale the result is something that is magnificent to behold.

Downright glorious in its phenomenal ability to tie together elements of pop, house, and ambient into a singular whole, the Other Life’s “Happiness” is a true celebration.

By Beach Sloth