Christina Rubino – ‘Godspeed and Guns’


Christina Rubino’s “Godspeed and Guns” shows off her impeccable storytelling abilities. Over the course of the song she creates a stunning arrangement. With elements of Americana, indie rock, and a hint of the cinematic, the song unfurls quite elegantly. Attention to detail means that the song is filled with an unusual amount of detail, from the western twang of the guitar, to the expressive horn section, all the way to the loose yet comforting rhythm. By far the heart and the soul of the song comes from Christina Rubino’s voice, from the way her lyrics can convey more than action but the moods that drive people to do what they do. An entire life is reflected over the course of the song, one full of the pains that define a person.

The song starts off on a stripped-down note. With only the power of her voice leading the way Christina Rubino sings with a kind of intimacy. Slowly but surely a greater variety of elements find their way into the mix. Guitars loom ever larger over the entirety of the proceedings. Rhythms gain strength and power with each reiteration. By opting for a ‘slow burner’ feeling the arrangement effortlessly matches the increasingly darker turns of the song. Towards the end of the piece everything simply soars as the entire song becomes all-encompassing and all-consuming.

Performed with the utmost of passion, Christina Rubino’s “Godspeed and Guns” is a song that lingers in the mind long after it is over.

By Beach Sloth