We’ve covered a lot of music videos here on Skope Mag. A lot of indie musicians out there are producing some of the coolest music videos around and posting them on YouTube. It is a very vibrant landscape and the music industry is now more closely related to the internet and social media than ever before.

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If you’re making your own music video, chances are you want it to go viral and gain millions of views immediately. While there is no sure-fire way of making a viral video, these next few tips will help you gain the exposure you want.

Make a Lyric Video

When releasing a new song, one of the things you should do is make a separate lyric video. Instead of turning to lyric sites or other videos made by users, users love official lyric videos more. It doesn’t have to be a particularly complicated video, either.

You can, for example, shoot a video with a story and add tracking texts to it. You can also work with creative agencies such as Spiel in creating a fully animated lyric video that your viewers will enjoy. There are multiple approaches to take here, but they all lead to one main goal: keeping as many views on the official videos as possible.

Some musicians love to add the lyrics of their songs to the video description. While this is a great idea and may help with search engine optimization, it is still more effective to have a lyric video that users can sing along to.

Be Unique and Be Yourself

One of the main characteristics of viral videos is always a sense of uniqueness. You don’t always have to be the first, but you do need to make the video unique in some ways. A classic case we have seen recently is the success of Rich Chigga, a young rapper whose video now has more than 25 million views.

His song is not really the kind of big hit you expect to go viral, but it is catchy and easy to follow. The video, on the other hand, is simply hilarious. It is an interesting take on the Hip Hop culture from someone from an entirely different background.

These elements, combined with the exposure it gets from various well-known rappers, quickly made the video viral. It provides the traction needed to go big.

Follow the Latest Trends

One last thing you can try to go viral is following the latest trend or issue. The Mannequin Challenge, for example, can be taken to a whole new level. Imagine creating an entire music video using the challenge as the main theme; you will gain a lot of traction really quickly.

You can also incorporate recent issues, either into the song or as part of the video. These elements – along with the previous tricks we talked about in this article – are the key ingredients of today’s best viral videos. Your upcoming music video could be the next big thing indeed, especially now that you know what it takes to go viral.