Pat G is a talented, driven and faithful rapper not letting anything hold him back or get in his way. Pat is making Texas proud with his inspirational lyrics and work. Pat G stands true to the message of being relentless in this life as he looks to motivate and change lives for the better.

J Rae: I saw that you have a full plate as you’re a rapper, football coach and motivational speaker and so wondering if you could take us through a typical day for Pat G?

Pat G: (literally chuckling out loud) Ya know I often get asked this question and I’m not even sure how I do it. I usually wake up, go to my part time job, get off, go coach, workout and then work on writing. Sometimes those days are more hectic because I have more sessions or less, just depends.

J Rae: You started rapping back in 2010 and wonder what sparked that interest to pursue rap music in particular?

Pat G: Well, I’ve ALWAYS loved music. As far back as I can remember I’ve listened to or been around music. After a break up, I thought about what I wanted to do with my life. My cousin told me to do something that you could see yourself doing for the rest of your life, and rapping is something I thought about. I never rapped in high school and I wasn’t even sure how to get started and now I’m here.

J Rae: Who is your favorite rapper/hip-hop artist of all time and why? And how about your #1 music act of all time in any category or genre?

Pat G: I really can’t pick a number one but Nas and Lupe Fiasco are my two favorite rappers. Nas has just been that dude! He’s a legend and he’s the best in my eyes. He’s been in the game for 20 years plus and I hope my career can be at least half of that. Lupe Fiasco is lyrically the greatest of all time, in my opinion. There are lines and rhyme schemes that I’ve listened to, of his, that I still haven’t fully grasped the complete meaning. #1 music act for me has got to be John Mayer. I love lyrics. His songs and talents are nearly perfect!

J Rae: I noticed that you’re very much into your Christian faith which is wonderful and something on my mind in terms of this. In your honest opinion, do you feel if more people were heavily faith-based and true to it that there would be more love and peace and less problems and turmoil?

Pat G: Well of course! If more people had a heart for Jesus and obeyed God’s Word there wouldn’t be nearly as many problems in this world. Jesus is the only person who can change the hearts of man. So anytime I get the chance I want to just shine the light God gave me. I don’t expect people to always agree with me on certain things but I love God and I love people.

J Rae: Do you think that it’s humanly possible to achieve ultimate peace on earth and if so how and where do we start?

Pat G: I don’t believe that’ll ever happen, not because I’m a pessimist but because of The Bible and what it says. BUT…if that were to ever happen… it would start with people obeying the gospel of Jesus Christ. He can change the hearts of men!

J Rae: I wanted to say that I loved the video for “The In Between” because it was simple, down to earth and exhibited a nice touch of realness that was refreshing. Plus, the track itself contained super catchy hooks & beats that drew me in immediately! What inspired this song/music video and what are your final thoughts on “The In Between”? Are you 100% satisfied with how this project turned out?

Pat G: I needed an in for the EP and I actually got this beat from my cousin; he made it. I actually work part time at a grocery store, ironically enough, in the produce department. LOL. So that’s where I got the idea for the first verse in the song. Funny story about the music video is my videographer wanted to do a one shot. So I bought the chicken and waffles and walked down the path he told me to and that’s how it happened. I didn’t even get to finish eating that lol. I’m completely happy with it. Only thing I wish I could change is that it was longer. But the EP, as a whole, is nearly perfect in my eyes.

J Rae: Are you currently promoting any new material and anything in particular from the Pat G catalog the Skope Universe and I should be plugged into and hearing right now?

Pat G: I just got some new beats for my next album. I finally thought of the name of it… you guys can be the first to know… it’ll be titled ‘W.I.T – Whatever It Takes’. I don’t have all of the beats but I do have a bulk of them and I’m about to start recording soon! So be on the look out…I will have videos for “Where will I Go” and “Death and Change” before the end of the year so be on the lookout for those videos!

J Rae: I think it’s awesome that you live by the motto to “be relentless” and wondering what this #BERELENTLESS Team is all about and why should people join this group?

Pat G: Be Relentless is the motto/phrase that I use to describe people that just flat-out won’t give up. It’s the “I must win” mentality, mindset or attitude of those who are willing to do whatever it takes (WIT) to achieve their desired outcome. If you’re passionate and don’t give up when adversity comes then you would be a great fit for the #BeRelentless team!

J Rae: Would you mind delving more into your life as a football coach and motivational speaker?

Pat G: I’ve been coaching for about 6 years. Since I’ve been in Austin, for the last 2 years, I’ve been doing personal football coaching. I love what I do, because it’s who I am to the very core of me. My kids range from 7-18 years old. I’m on the come up as a motivational speaker. I’ve had the opportunity to speak here in Austin at a few schools and detention centers this year so I’m hoping and praying more opportunities will come my way, soon.

J Rae: I find it admirable that you care so much about the youth and look to inspire young people. If you had an opportunity to change a kid’s life right this second or at least have a major impact on a child, what inspiring & motivational words would you offer up?

Pat G: I would just let them know to always seek God’s approval and not the approval of man. Anything is possible with hard work, consistency and discipline. Be Relentless in all you do. Do what makes you happy and what helps the most people! #thatsRelentless

J Rae: So what’s next for Pat G and the Relentless Team?

Pat G: I’m going to take this winter time to buckle down, get in the lab and create a classic album that’ll be able to get me recognized on a national level. I’ve grown so much more, in the last year, than I have in the last 5 years. I’m excited to see what it’ll end up sounding like. Also, shooting these last two videos to finish out the year strong. And well, ya know… #BeRelentless Thank you!


By Jimmy Rae (jrae2@att.net)