Rebecca Lappa – ‘Reckless Heart’


Sung with the utmost passion, Rebecca Lappa’s “Reckless Heart” effortlessly creates a lovely, fully realized kind of folk. Over the course of the album she runs the gamut from the absolute bombastic to the restrained refined sort of sound. By letting such a wide variety of styles permeate the pieces from folk, country, rock, psychedelic, and pop, the songs have a raw live feeling to them. Easily the highlight of the album are Rebecca Lappa’s strong vocals and compassionate lovely lyricism which truly define it.

Opening the album off on a high note is the energetic playfulness of “Crockpot Girl”. This deserves to be played as loud as possible for it is a freewheeling rollicking kind of sound. With a driving rhythm is the deeply felt “Crawl”. On “Yesterday’s Wine” Rebecca Lappa opts for a gentle, intimate sound as the delicate guitar work helps to emphasize the careful narrative she creates. Spacious to its core is compassionate glimmer of “Mary Jo” whose dreamy sound is a swirling sea of gorgeous textures. A sense of tension defines the spirted “Till The King Comes Home”. Sweetness pours out of the airy “Carnival of Love”. Offering a highly detailed account of a failed, hard relationship is the sadness of “Baby Set Me Free”. Quite tenderly it describes how a lack of trust can ruin people. Ending the album is the reflective “Secret Love”.

Rebecca Lappa’ s “Reckless Heart” sounds like a celebration, filled with pure joy.

By Beach Sloth