Suicidal Tendencies – ‘World Gone Mad’


“World Gone Mad” represents the best of punk rock’s spirit as Suicidal Tendencies songs are delivered with the utmost of urgency. Absolute full-on blasts of sound define the pieces which refuse to let up. Rhythms are breakneck as everything is pummeled with the ferocity of the drums. Nicely accompanying these maddening multi-layered tempos is the incredible guitar work. The way Suicidal Tendencies make the guitars sing is rather gorgeous from distortion laden-riffing to soaring solos to pure uncut shredding. Helping to tie all of this together are the incise lyrics which cut right to the heart of all the problems of the world, the social and economic inequality experienced by so many.

By far the best piece on the album is the maniacal “Clap Like Ozzy” opening the album on a high note. Everything comes together perfectly as Suicidal Tendencies blast through lyrics, riffs cascading one over the other, and the drums abused almost beyond belief. Slowing things down but not stopping the intensity is brutal dirge of “The New Degeneration”. Building itself up into a beat is the powerful “World Gone Mad”. True defiance is embodied in the harsh realm of “One Finger Salute”. On “The Struggle Is Real” Suicidal Tendencies dives headfirst into colossal riffs and an out of control rhythm. For the last two pieces Suicidal Tendencies strip away a little of the aggression while forgoing none of the intensity of the earlier pieces. For these latter pieces they opt for a more narrative sensibility, as they bring the album to a satisfying conclusion.

Suicidal Tendencies offer a thoughtful analysis of the world while delving deep into the most infectious unforgettable riffs on “World Gone Mad”.

By Beach Sloth