Jon Worthy – ‘May You Live Happily Ever After’


Jon Worthy’s “May You Live Happily Ever After” is an inviting celebration of the best of rock. The sound deserves to be blasted as loud as possible for the freewheeling, classic-rock indebted spirit is perfect. With a retro style to his approach, the album’s sense of play is palpable. Rhythms come out swinging, the guitar riffs perfectly thick and all-consuming, and the small elements that enter into the mix give the album a fully fleshed out sound. Vocals possess an almost crazed kind of spirit, which at times match the intensity of the guitar solos that punctuate the album.

One of the album highlights is the opener “Don’t Count On Me” with the wordless chorus doing fine work in capturing the at times totally gleeful abandon that defines the song. Quieter in tone is the thoughtful “I Do Abide”. A rollicking spirit defines the lilting work of “Like the Wind” where the organ does a rather fine job in anchoring the piece, at times feeling akin to Vampire Weekend’s inspirational work. By far the best track on the album is the pure joy of “Can’t Help But Feel” where the melody does fantastic work in capturing the many mixed emotions associated with aging. Hushed in tone is the laid-back loose flow of “Family”. Closing the album off on an ambitious note is the spirited sprawl of the aptly named “In the End”.

“May You Live Happily Ever After” proves that Jon Worthy knows how to have a good time and wants to share it.

By Beach Sloth