Human Darts


Human Darts tap into a playful free-spirited rock reminiscent of the Pixies at the height of their powers. Their unique approach bares great fruit as their lyrical content shows off their peculiar yet endearing sense of humor. Rushing through with out-of-control tempos the songs are infinitely catchy, lingering in the mind long after they are over. By taking such an unorthodox path they create songs that constantly and continuously surprise. Vocals are delivered with just the right level of passion and a sense of the theatrical.

Outright bizarre in nature is the catchy charm of “Zombie Man Chant”. Nicely accompanying this is the rather odd organ that comes in at just the right moments to further emphasize the otherworldliness of the piece. Even the chorus with its odd grunts adds to the sense of joy that the song has in spades. A driving rhythm defines the Devo-esque funk of “Tell My Sister”, where they display their knack for storytelling. Celebration comes from the itch of “Stitches”. Throughout the song Human Darts remain committed to their inviting groove that grows in size and scope over the course of the song. Showing off their chops is the screeching solo that appears right in the center of the song. The wonderful take on “Hey Good Looking” is a glorious blur of sound as the rhythm refuses to let up.

With an unusual, kind of screwball charm, Human Darts prove to be a band that truly lives by its own rules.

By Beach Sloth