Greg Clifford – ‘You Won’t Tear Me Apart’


Greg Clifford’s “You Won’t Tear Me Apart” has a summery, late 60s psychedelic feel to it. By opting for such an approach the song has a defiant tone to it. This rebellious spirit is due in part to Greg Clifford’s tenderly delivered vocals to the spacious arrangements. Everything comes together to create a vibrant pop-centric vibe, one that positively bursts forth with color. Rhythms have a jaunty feel to them as they playfully mix elements of lo-fi alongside a slightly surf rock style. Small details go a long way from the little flourishes of synthesizer that ebb and flow out of the piece to the whistling that occasionally punctuates the song.

The beginning starts out revealing the many layers that will come to interact ever so lovingly. Organ work is particularly fine as it adds to the oftentimes driving rhythms that seem to speed Greg Clifford’s sound along at a fine pace. Nimble guitar work weaves its way throughout the mix and serves as the heart of the piece. Effortlessly building off of Greg Clifford’s vocals, the guitar work at times has a jazzy quality reminiscent of Mac DeMarco’s stylish approach. When the breakdown of the sound occurs late in the song it feels absolutely earned as does the rush into a field of color. By the finale everything is moving at a breakneck pace as Greg Clifford rushes towards the glorious finale.

“You Won’t Tear Me Apart” reveals Greg Clifford’s mastery at creating a memorable, infinitely catchy pop of piece

By Beach Sloth