Jordan Green – ‘Needle In A Haystack’


“Needle In A Haystack” presents Jordan Green’s clever knack for storytelling. Snapshots from a life, these are songs that explore ambition, disappointment, optimism, and relationships. Full of catchy hooks, these are songs that combine elements of country, folk and pop into a satisfying whole. Jordan Green’s strong confident vocals lead the way as the rest of the band nicely accompanies his passionate poetic lyricism. Attention to detail means that the songs are full of extraordinary flourishes from slide guitar to rather fragile fiddle work.

The opener “It’s A Start” sets the tone for the rest of the album, as it explores the inevitable decline of a relationship. Hope defines the rebellious spirit of “One Way” as the song describes what it means to truly get away, to start anew. Gentle in spirit is the mellow rhythm of “Budge”. By far the highlight of the album is the title track “Needle In A Haystack”. Featuring a sly, funky sensibility the song glides on courtesy of a deep driving groove. Full of energy is the rollicking work of “Song About You”. This high energy continues on the rolling tempos of “Take A Ride” whose devotion to the joy of the open road is palpable. Closing the album off on a high note is the spirited performance of “Point and Shoot”.

Sung with a sense of guarded optimism in the world, Jordan Green’s “Needle In A Haystack” is a warm, inviting album.

By Beach Sloth