When The Clock Strikes – ‘The Better Friends EP’


When The Clock Strikes creates a high energy, high speed rush of sound on “The Better Friends EP”. Downright infectious and full of catchy hooks throughout the songs are delivered with a true sense of urgency. Rhythms are chaotic, nearly out of control, as they effortlessly tap into the spirit of the best of EMO music. Volumes are an absolute must as these are pieces that demand to be blasted as loud as possible. By far the highlight of the sound are the insistent, passionately delivered lyrics. These lyrics focus on friendship, on relationships, and trying to find direction in life.

The collection opens up with the spirited performance of “Too Many Cooks”. A true sense of rebellion defines the song as it appears to simply barrel forth, describing the way that embracing individuality can work wonders. Easily the best piece on the collection is the tenderness of “Better Friends (From A Distance)”. With a sly bass line, the piece does fantastic work in bringing layer upon layer of sound into such a gorgeous blur of sound. Lyrics focus on the necessity of people needing to end a relationship. Slight misanthropy comes forth on “Fair Weather” as the devotion of friends is questioned. Bringing the collection to a close is the Lumpy Space Mix of “Better Friends (From A Distance)” which adds an electronic hue to the song.

On “The Better Friends EP” When The Clock Strikes presents a perfect blend of punk and pop into a satisfying whole.


By Beach Sloth