Chucky Workclothes – ‘Professor Works Laboratory Vol. 2’


On “Professor Works Laboratory Vol. 2” Chucky Workclothes offers snapshots of a life lived most fully, with perfect articulate flows and entire stories emerging out of these lush, exuberant arrangements. Attention to detail is profound, as samples are chosen with the utmost of care. Throughout the album Chucky Workclothes lets these songs interact with each other, resulting in vivid swirls of color. Hope defines much of the album as the songs look forward into the future.

“Clocks Tickin” Chucky Workclothes lets the song build up in an unstoppable rhythm. Percussion has a nimble sensibility to it, as the dexterous approach helps to further emphasize the desire to achieve something more with a limited amount of time. With a light and airy melody is the reassuring vibes of “Believe It”. Downright gorgeous, the luxurious tasteful arrangement matches perfectly with the optimistic lyrics. An electro arrangement ties everything together on the confident “Never Coming Down”. The cinematic style of “Keep Mobbin” gives the song an epic, gargantuan feel to it. Presenting a rainy day sort of atmosphere is the hazy melody of “Kush Habit”. Beats hit hard on the energetic “What We Do”. Tension defines the eerie late-night jazzy approach of “Where We Goin’”. Over the course of the song the lyrics emphasize the anxiety that is built into the arrangement. Ending the album on a loose, laid-back groove is the funk-infused work of “Paper Stalker”.

Throughout “Professor Works Laboratory Vol. 2” Chucky Workclothes presents compelling, deeply felt stories.

By Beach Sloth