CHARACULA is a larger than life progenitor with a flair for avante garde camp and over-the-top shows. Her love of B-movie ghoulishness and all things Halloween have inspired her to fully embrace her horror rock goddess persona. In her brand new video, “Mummy Dance,” CHARACULA has delivered an October annuity that walks like an Egyptian and mashes like a monster!

Of course, being just a big personality isn’t enough to find her way into the black hearts and twisted minds of an audience. In fact, artists of this vein are often held to a higher standard. Fortunately, CHARACULA doesn’t just meet the standard, she may damn well be setting the bar. The best description would be her own, saying the sound “is a blend of metal, dance and the old drive-in movie theater.” It may sound a bit of an unconventional mix, but it immediately invokes an accurate mental picture of exactly what she is going for.

“Mummy Dance” is just the video we’ve been waiting to get our spook on! CHARACULA is a brilliantly imposing figure onscreen, putting on a performance that is fiendishly, intoxicatingly sultry and sexy. Within the walls of her estate she feasts on tarantulas and sucks the last remaining soul right out of the mouth of the mummy in her path. On top of that, CHARACULA has enlisted a harem of pharaoh-esque beauties to teach the viewer one enticing move at a time how to learn the ways of the “Mummy Dance!”