Since the beginning of 2014 it has been eventful for Austin, Texas-based music producer GunFight. The transition from DJing and promoting to producing music to make a name for yourself as an artist is seldom an easy one, but the slew of hard-hitting tracks he’s just released for free download would make you think otherwise.

Having grown up in Dallas, His first influences took the form of seminal 90s grunge era acts like Nirvana, and Smashing Pumpkins. His move to Austin exposed him to the rave scene, and subsequently to bass music, where he gets the inspiration to be an innovator in all styles of electronic dance music. He continues to track new trends in music, but his emerging sound rides a fine line between emulating enough of the popular sounds to stay relevant and bringing something entirely new to the table. Featuring elements of a tried-and-true synth work formula with an attention-grabbing song structure that doesn’t sound like anything else on the market.