Paul Graves – ‘Falling Snowflakes’


Marrying elements of classical, raga, and the blues into a satisfying whole, “Falling Snowflakes” is a tender piece that shows off the undeniable skill of Paul Graves. Paul Graves uses a loose yet nimble approach to his guitar work, which at times recalls the American Primitive Guitar work of John Fahey. By opting for such a tender sound the piece unfurls ever so slowly as Paul Graves works on letting the sound weave itself about. The song itself seems to be in hushed awe of the world as Paul Graves lets the song explore a great many themes and melodies, never simply staying put within a single riff. Rather, the song feels alive as it moves from texture to texture. Throughout “Falling Snowflakes” Paul Graves shows the versatility of the guitar, sans electric amplification, and revels in its simplistic beauty. During moments of the piece the fragile nature of the instrument becomes clear as its subtle shades of sound help to give the piece a great deal of color.

Ever so gentle as first Paul Graves gives the strings room to breathe. After a few moments the chords come down ever so delicately. Small ripples of sound reverberate throughout emotionally moving with their ever so slight emphasis on a sense of tenderness. Upon letting the sound lilt a little bit the song becomes considerably more open, free almost as Paul Graves gives the song quite a bit of leeway. Towards the end of the piece Paul Graves lets the slowly gradually fade away with careful attention to detail.

Without needing to say a single word Paul Graves creates a pitch-perfect piece of work with the dazzling display of “Falling Snowflakes”.

By Beach Sloth