Stillehavet is a newly formed band consisting of Marit Elisabeth Svendsbøe and Gaute Stedje. They live in Bergen, Norway. Both members were previously part of a band called Funin (Marit Elisabeth was a co-founder) that released the record ‘Unsound’ on Karisma Records in 2010. Songs from this record have been played on radio channels in Norway and abroad.

“With Stillehavet we try to create music and sounds that excites us,” the duo explains. “In the process of making songs we use a lot of time just playing with instruments and sounds. We have an intuitive approach on making music, and we like it to sound raw and unpolished. Creating music has a therapeutic effect on us.”

Here’s what press had to say about the track: “Gola Malimbe features otherworldly and ethereal vocals that float throughout, showing a quivering intensity but never overpowering the exotic instrumentation, ranging from jazzy guitar lines to an ominous electronic-tinged rhythm section that reminds of Radiohead, specifically dark synth efforts like “Where I End and You Begin”, especially with the murmuring backing synth just past the four-minute mark. On the vocal and atmospheric end, the ghostly creep-folk workings of Marissa Nadler also come to mind.”