Bongo Boy Rock n Roll TV Show Season 5 Episode 1091 ‘THERE IS ALWAYS TOMORROW’


With a sultry seductive spirit is MAAD’s “Black Ice”. A slinky groove nicely meshes elements of dance and electro pop into a fully fleshed out sound. The song unfurls with a true sense of elegance.

Blue Helix’s “Aliens” has a tender, cinematic quality to it. Tender articulate lyrics serve as the beating heart of the sound. Attention to detail is impeccable as the sound grows into a cascading rush of sound.

Romantic to its very core is the subtle style of Denel’s “Imperfectly Perfect 2.0”. Keeping the sound to the absolute essentials the song positively glimmers with love. Downright beautiful the polished pitch-perfect production gives the song a simply stunning sound to it.

A tense atmosphere forms with “Good To See You” by 7fields. Delicate at first the song’s tactile sensibility gives it a warm intimate sound. Nearly whispered at times the song’s many layers interact ever so gently resulting in a welcoming swirl of sound.

Milo Z’s “Do Ya Thang” offers a playful sort of style with its colorful kaleidoscopic sampling. The rhythm has a loose luxurious feel to it. Over the course of the song Milo Z seems to tap into a laid-back 90s flow as the song becomes ever more active with each reiteration.

The Spiders offer a brilliant take on election parody with “Election Day”. Anchored by a solid beat the song feels like a fine release on all the frustration people in the United States feel with the 2016 election. It has highly thoughtful poignant lyricism on how ridiculous the current choices are between the two candidates.

By Beach Sloth