Astronauts of Antiquity – ‘Future Back’


Factory of good sound by Astronauts of Antiquity!

Lately we can hear many new bands – all hail the Internet for that lovely opportunity – but don’t many of them sound too similar? It became quite hard to find those special, unique and memorable bands. Yet, if you are persistent enough, you can still find a band to love, a band that sounds great and has powerful lyrics. Astronauts of Antiquity are definitely one of those bands.

I had the opportunity to listen to their single and their single is truly remarkable art work. Astronauts of Antiquity seems like highly functional band, in harmony with their instruments and driven by understanding between members’ creative energy. They also seem like real perfectionists – you can’t find any faults in their music. The blend of hard sound and soft emotions creates some kind of esoteric feeling while you listen to their stuff. You are in the past, presence and future at the same time.

If you are about to listen to their music, get ready for such mind-blowing words and sincere messages. And I swear they remind me of some music giants because that’s their level of power.

My final impression about this band is that they are going places. Yes, they definitely have a bright future. They are fresh, original and, as I can feel, true to their plans, dreams and affinities. I hope they will keep up with the good work, with all their devotion and emotion. I believe seeing them live would be totally awesome experience!

By: miskosuperstar