Soles of Passion – ‘Bump Me Up’


Soles of Passion deliver “Bump Me Up” with a strong sense of optimism in the future. Emphasizing a sense of freedom, the song shine with crystal clarify. Vocals serve as the heart and soul of the album as they reveal a sense of play, purpose, and desire. Further giving their sound greater power is the impressive instrumental work, courtesy of shimmering guitar, lovely synthesizer work, and driving rhythms. Throughout it all a story of sorts emerges one that tries to embody the hopes and dreams that define a life.

“Hold On” opens the album off on a strong note, as the song comes into bloom quite quickly with impressive guitar work soaring across the track. Creating the perfect sort of sing-along is the tenderness of “Bump Me Up”. Western twang defines the tense “Got Me Surrounded” where the song takes a rebellious, defiant approach against forces which abuse their power. By far the highlight of the album is the playful sound of “Cow Girl Bling”. Anchored by a welcoming melody their lyrics carry great power with a sense of fun. The attention to detail is remarkable as they bring in strings into the mix. Slowing things down with an introspective dreamy style is “Paris”. Bringing the album to a close is the rush of “Feels Good” which nicely connects all that came before it.

Effortlessly combining folk, country, and rock into a satisfying whole, Soles of Passion’s “Bump Me Up” has a classic timeless sound.

By Beach Sloth