The opening chords introduce the immediate intrigue of “I AM,” which only grows more enrapturing when TO.’s deep vocals begin to sing. The track is a quiet seduction, a mysticism established from the first lyrics: “I am TO. You are TO. We are TO.” With the clarity of a solo auteur, TO.’s production sizzles with dark eeriness, the snappy percussion unrelenting. Her music is unfolding — innovative and experimental, and soon to be iconic.

TO. is Anna Melander’s solo project – a 24-year-old producer and songwriter from the north of Sweden. The artist name TO. is Japanese for duck – under the wings of TO. we find eerie productions inspired by the trap-movement. Her drone-like, seductive vocals floats over the track and bears the sound of a futuristic Karin Dreijer Andersson in Fever Ray.