Jackie Paladino launches her latest endeavor entitled “Daddy’s Money,” which has been garnering attention across the board. Paladino’s fresh new style combines soul-pop sensibilities that offers a unique, and slightly nostalgic sound for your ears. Recorded with Grammy-award winning producer Tyrone Corbett in Jersey, Paladino has since found a home in Brooklyn and has quickly proven herself as a mainstay in the ever evolving music scene. With soaring sultry vocals, she offers up an insightful piece that will have a lot of people talking.

A go-getter at a young age, Paladino’s rigorous high school course-load along with her artistic talents landed her admission into the prestigious Tisch School of the Arts with a substantial scholarship. But her struggle to find a balance between school, the long college days in an intensive arts program, and working overtime to pay for school has inspired her to record “Daddy’s Money.” Her story sheds light on a topic that will hit close to home with many college students from across the globe and a question that continues to persist: Is the American Dream still a reality or are the top schools only for the elite?