J’Moris – “Dope Life”


With a tight flow and an infectious groove J’Moris’s “Dope Life ft. Sunny BoBo” is a pure joy. Lyrics paint the picture of an entire life. Beats hit hard with the bass rumble working wonders, as the sound is almost physical in nature. Samples are woven deep into the mix giving the song a kaleidoscopic vibe. Melodies shift ever so effortlessly as they feel naturalistic, matching J’Moris’s impeccable flow. Stylistically J’Moris keeps a languid tempo as he brings in elements of trap, electro, even electro into the swirling mix of sound.

Watch his new video for “Dope Life:

Things begins off with a dreamy air. When the beat hits the song starts off strong as J’Moris’s lyrics set the down for the rest of the track. An entire life comes into view. Percussive elements bounce off of each other as the entire song grows ever larger in size and scope. Over the course of the song a sense of want emerges, that for an easier kind of life. Confidence comes from the lyrics, one that reveals a sense of purpose that can define a life. By letting multiple layers of sound interact so leisurely J’Moris lets an ornate arrangement take hold, one which refuses to let up. Rather, by letting all these many layers of sound rise up, a cloudy sort of hazy mood takes hold.

“Dope Life ft. Sunny BoBo” presents a lush sound, one that displays the undeniable talents of J’Moris’s articulate steady lyrical flow.


By Beach Sloth