Sarantos – “Whiskey”


On “Whiskey” Sarantos sings with true longing and passion. Like a mystical swirl of sounds the piece moves at an incredibly fast pace. Tying together elements of folk, country, rock with a hint of gospel the piece simply refuses to let up. Sarantos poetic, urgently delivered lyrics serve as the heart and center of the song. Highly articulate and descriptive the piece grows in terms of its size and scope. Nicely accompanying the song is rather beautiful string work which punctuates the sound with a strong sense of purpose. Over the course of the song Sarantos lets it all out as it rushes through in a brilliant blur of sound.

There is no buildup to speak of as Sarantos begins right in the swing of things. His cheerfulness and joy of whiskey is undeniable as the song explores the myriad ways of whiskey. Both the highs and the lows of the drink are described in exquisite detail as Sarantos celebrates the good while recoiling from the bad things it can bring. By letting these many details come together, the multiple vantage points of a singular beverage, he explores the conflicted emotions many have about drinking. Sure, there is that joy, that unbridled freedom that comes with drinking whiskey. Possessing a strong sense of purpose, the entirety of the piece explores the many emotions that can fuel the search for ever more ways of escape.

Delivered like an instant classic, Sarantos offers an unforgettable journey with “Whiskey”.

By Beach Sloth