Tumbler – “Come to the Edge”


Tapping into a classic rock sound with a sense of play is Tumbler’s “Come to the edge”. Lyrically the songs are a true radiant joy as the vocals are sung with the utmost of passion. A nice balance between folk, rock, and pop, the songs are truly solid. Over the course of the album Tumbler displays a wide variety of sounds and styles, weaving them together into such a satisfying whole. Demanding to be played as loud as possible these are songs that are felt as much as they are heard.

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Wasting no time with a buildup Tumbler dives into the midst of things with “Black Sheep”. Nicely employing elements of distortion into the mix the song has a wild, careening feel to it. Tenderness flows out of the airy sounds of “Don’t take much”. Intricate guitar work defines the hope of “Falling”. A western twang marks the leisurely groove of “Nothing to hold you”. Intimacy radiates out of the heartfelt “Week”. On “Winter cold heart” Tumbler opts for a cinematic scope. Hushed reverence takes hold on the angelic “Joanne” one of the highlights of the album. Starting things with the essentials is the ballad of “Dial” whose gradual buildup is quite satisfying indeed. Bringing the entire album to a close is the sprawling ambition of “Freedom the cry”.

Reminiscent at times of the theatrical spirit of the Decemberists with their penchant for carefully crafted narratives, Tumbler creates an all-immersive world on “Come to the edge”.


By Beach Sloth