Diana Catherine – ‘Gossip in the Devil’s Radio’


Tapping into the spirit of the blues, Diana Catherine’s “Gossip in the Devil’s Radio” has a classic timeless sound. With carefully crafted stories emerging throughout the album her strong commanding voice draws the listener into a compelling world. Arrangements are pitch perfect as they effortlessly bring together elements of country, folk, rock, into a satisfying whole.

Audio Listening Link: http://www.dianacatherine.com/gossip_in_the_devils_radio/

A rollicking spirit opens up the album with the infectious energy of “Devil At My My Door”. Possessing a wry sense of humor, the song is absolutely infectious. With a true sense of grandeur is the brilliant “Birdman”. Diana Catherine’s vocal delivery is particularly strong, as is the downright lovely rhythm section and expressive guitar work. By far the highlight of the album is the beautiful “Moonlight”. Incorporating elements of classical, folk, and country into one the song sprawls out ever so gracefully. Building up ever so satisfyingly, the piece is full of color and life. Possessing a shaggy dog mood is the aptly named “Old Dog”. Energetic to its core is the fast paced optimistic “Things are gonna change”. Sounding like a long-lost hit is the gritty “Should have seen you coming”. Mellow with a deep resonant bass is the lumbering “Color Blind”. Closing the album off on a high note is the introspective “Down”.

Raw, intimate, and full of power, Diana Catherine’s “Gossip in the Devil’s Radio” is deeply satisfying album that shows what real rock sounds like.


By Beach Sloth