Ahead of the release of their third album ‘Death Defying Tricks’, Varvara have released a new video for their latest single ‘Warning Sign’. The forthcoming album ‘Death Defying Tricks’ was mixed by one of Sweden’s best known sons of sonic debauchery and excitement, Pelle Gunnerfeldt (The Hives, Refused, Fireside). Pelle’s mixes for the album bring sharply into focus Varvara’s innate sense of melody and energy.

‘Warning Sign’ demonstrates a move forward from the band: a lush horn led arrangement coupled with strong lyrical themes and a well crafted song structure adding more depth to the band’s trademark garage sound. The super lo-fi, self-deprecating music video demonstrates –from a one take/person view– how our daily routines can drive us to the edge and over.

Photo credit: Kaj Kuhlman