Bongo Boy Records Awesome Big Hair Bands Volume One


With a true sense of 80s flair is Gar Francis’s indomitable work of “Cool Cool Baby”. Commanding vocals take center stage as the song’s gigantic, bombastic style works wonders. Lush riffs lead the way as the driving rhythm helps give the song a strong energetic presence.

Lisa Coppola’s “Now That You’re Gone” whose soulful delivery carries the song forward. Starting with a mere whisper of sound Lisa Coppola gives the song a cinematic scope as it grows ever larger and ever. From the sweep of the synthesizers to the power chords, it all comes together in a vast tapestry of sound.

Particularly timely in nature is the Spiders with “Election Day”. Recalling the best of 80s hair bands the song is pure joy. Lyrics are pitch perfect as they go for the jugular, showing off exactly the lack of trust people have in politicians. Over the course of the song the lyrics explore the great problems that face the United States.

A theatrical approach takes on “Take To Your Leader” by Oliver’s Twist. The rush of adrenaline is undeniable as the song moves at breakneck speeds. From the wonderful sound of the guitar shredding to the manic lyrics the entire thing is pure joy.

Dreamy at first Inches From Sin’s “Somewhere Out There” opts for a mellow groove to slowly unfurl. Layer upon layer of sound interacts majestically giving the song a spaced-out vibe as the sweeps of sound ebb and flow out of the mix. Serving as the heart and soul of the piece are the lyrics which reveal a carefully crafted narrative.

Wood Shampoo’s “Cover Girl” feels reminiscent of AC/DC at their absolute best. Demanding to be played as loud as possible everything is in service of the dominating rhythm which goes right for the jugular. Stylish and smart, the song feels like a long-lost classic.

Playful to its core is hooyoosay’s “There’s Love In Town”. A strange sort of funk anchors the piece as it plays with tempo, texture and styles. Merging elements of ambient, soundtrack music, and rock, the song seems like it is coming from another world.

Full of optimism is the soulful Sarantos with his inspiring message to the idealists of the world on “Dreamer”. Displaying an uncanny knack for the pitch perfect hook the song absolutely soars. Guitar work hits the right balance between shoegaze and pop, refusing to be pigeonholed into either genre.

Reassuring in tone is the sweet tender spirit of Inches From Sin’s “Hold On”. Celebratory in spirit the song’s many different elements come together to create a sense of community. In this song Inches From Sin lets the piece come into full bloom as additional elements build the song up with a strong, hopeful message of how togetherness can help people through the hardest trials and tribulations.

A tense piano riff introduces the majesty of Chand K Nova’s “Final Strike”. Deep satisfying guitars lead the way as the song’s propulsive rhythm gives it a wild carefree spirit. Impressive in its display of skill it manages to create an entire narrative of sorts without needing to say a word.

Closing the collection off on a high note is the physicality of Chickahominy Vibe’s “Superstar”. Heavy in nature the song merges elements of metal, alternative and classic rock into a powerful groove. Lyrics emphasize love as it grows ever larger in scope until it reaches a fevered pitch for its satisfying finale.

Awesome Big Hair Bands Volume One

1.Cool Cool Baby – Gar Francis 3:51
2.Now That You’re Gone – Lisa Coppola 4:01
3.Election Day – The Spiders 3:36
4.Take Me To Your Leader – Oliver’s Twist 3:51
5.Somewhere Out There – Inches From Sin 3:45
6.Cover Girl – Wood Shampoo 4:10
7.There’s Love in Town – hooyoosay 3:09
8.Dreamer – Sarantos 3:03
9.Hold On – Inches From Sin 3:35
10.Final Strike – Chand K. Nova 4:48
11.Superstar – Chickahominy Vibe 4:44

By Beach Sloth