Juvicsa – ‘Eyes to Land’


With a large angelic sound, Juvicsa’s “Eyes to Land” is a radiant joy. Anchored by undeniably strong vocals the collection has a deep engrossing sound. Lyrically the songs possess a keen poetic sensibility. Juvicsa’s voice serves as the heart and soul of the collection, as her narratives revolving around relationships work wonders. Melodically rich, the pieces contain many layers that swirl around soothingly, growing ever more powerful with each reiteration. Cinematic in scope these are songs that sprawl out with the utmost of elegance.


Opening the collection up on a high note is the shoegaze-inspired work of “Waiting”. Beginning with a heavy thick synthesizer the song is immaculately produced. The beat hits hard as her vocals raise above the heaviness. “Unaware” continues down this path with a dominating introspective approach. By far the highlight of the collection is the dance-shoegaze hybrid of “Slow”. Downright brilliant the song effortlessly balances the ambient, atmospheric, classical and all else in between. Infinitely colorful “Slow” shines like a glorious diamond. Moody in temperament “High Tonight” offers a gradual build. As the song grows in size and scope Juvicsa’s vocals soar to the heavens. Ending the collection off on a calm contemplative note is the sweeping work of “Now”. Delicate in tone the piece explores the darkness before it brings the light.

Juvicsa’s “Eyes to Land” displays the immense talent of a unique voice, one able to tie together elements of shoegaze, pop, and rock, into a satisfying whole.


By Beach Sloth