Dubbs – EP


With thoughtful lyricism and irresistible hooks, Dubbs creates music that blends together a vast variety of styles. Stylistically his music runs the gamut from the absolute club banger like “Invited 2 Tha Club” to the tender “Thru Blind Eyes”. A sense of positivity permeates all of his songs as he looks towards the future with the utmost form of hope. Reminiscent of early Jay Z, the songs deserve to be played as loud as possible. Lots of energy comes out of the work both from Dubbs’ impressive flow to the hot unstoppable rhythms.

On “A Man” Dubbs explores the responsibility that a person has in order to be a fully mature individual. Throughout “A Man” Dubbs emphasizes what comes to define a person, about the way that a person cannot be easily defined. Going for a heavier anthemic sound is the bombastic work of “i Love MY Vision”. Full of ambition the song expands out majestically. By letting the song soar the piece grows ever larger and larger. Almost symphonic in tone Dubbs celebrates the importance of belief in oneself. Pure joy emanates from “Invited 2 Tha Club”. Capturing the spirit of the night life the song bounces, with an insistent melody guiding the entire piece forward. Balancing its softer nature with a propulsive beat is “Thru Blind Eyes”. Gentle piano interacts wonderfully with the near physicality of the rhythm. Tying this together is Dubbs’ highly articulate lyricism which brings the song together.

Smart, sophisticated and stylish Dubbs has an impressive amount of versatility.


By Beach Sloth